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A Better Farm Bill in 2023! Join us at the Food Not Feed Summit

Food Not Feed Summit. February 7-8, 2023. Washington, D.C.


Join us, Food Integrity Campaign, and more than two dozen allied organizations as we host the 2023 Food Not Feed Summit February 7-8, 2023. 

The Food Not Feed Summit will bring together farmers, advocates, and stakeholders as we fight together for a better Farm Bill. The Farm Bill comes up for negotiation every 5 years and is a big opportunity to influence federal policies that shape the future of our food system. In our blog series, we delved into how the Farm Bill affects all of us, explained the problem with our current agricultural subsidies and the policy solutions. As the 2023 Farm Bill negotiations ramp up, Congress has a chance to reform our current food and agricultural systems. We need YOUR help to let them know we demand a fairer food system. We are calling for a fundamental shift in the United States’ agricultural subsidies and policies through the Farm Bill.

People from all different backgrounds—farmers, ranchers, animal welfare advocates, conservationists, and health & nutrition advocates—are coming together to fight for a Farm Bill that prioritizes healthy food for Americans, not feed for multinational livestock operations. This summit will demonstrate the power of this organized, growing coalition of energized advocates.

We need a food system that boosts the pockets of farmers, not just the pockets of multinational corporations. We need a food system that brings wealth back to rural communities, rather than hallowing out rural communities. We need a food system that regenerates our environment and prepares us for a changing climate, not a food system that exacerbates air and water pollution and reduces biodiversity. We need a food system that empowers workers and protects their health and safety instead of exploiting them. We need a food system that feeds people nutritious food and contributes to the improved health of its eaters and not to the detriment. We need a food supply chain that doesn’t break under global instability.

Whether you care about the treatment of animals, the dignity of workers, the livelihoods and survival of farmers, the stewarding of our environment, or the quality and safety of your food, as a coalition we will raise awareness of and advocate for a better farm bill because its policies will ultimately impact all these areas.

We hope you will join us as we fight for a more resilient and regenerative agricultural system. If you are interested in this, please consider joining us online for this event we are co-hosting. Attendees can expect to convene with experts and advocates, attend panels featuring prominent speakers who will lift up and highlight the objective of transforming our food system, and learn how to educate our Senators and Representatives for a better Farm Bill. To learn more and register for the Food Not Feed Summit, visit this link.


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