Protecting Food. Empowering Whistleblowers.

Rural Partnerships for a More Just Food System

When it comes to the integrity of our food, no one knows the truth about food better than the farmers and workers who bring it to our tables. That’s why FIC is growing our Rural Partnerships campaign to increase our capacity and ability to respond to rural whistleblowers who reach out with urgent needs.

Our Rural Partnerships campaign is currently focused on the following initiatives:

  1. Environment – Keeping Clean Energy Honest: Working at the intersection of factory farming and energy production, FIC’s collaboration with GAP’s Environment, Energy and Climate Change program maintains transparency in the rapidly evolving landscape of technologies and corporate promises for “green” energy.
  2. Public Health – Fighting Antibiotic Resistance and Zoonotic Disease Spread: We support whistleblowers in exposing the overuse of antibiotics and other routine practices in industrial scale animal agriculture that put all of us, but especially rural communities, at risk of disease spread and exposure to “superbugs.”
  3. Workers’ Rights – Improving State Level Whistleblower Protections: FIC’s first state-level initiative to bolster whistleblower protections and anti-retaliation measures that impact whether truth-tellers come forward.

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Who spoke up? — Key Whistleblowers

Rudy Howell

Long-time Perdue poultry farmer has alleged he was wrongfully discharged for raising concerns about Perdue’s practices. Read his full complaint here (link). Rudy originally reached out to GAP’s Food Integrity Campaign because he was sick of watching the big chicken companies deceptively trap farmers like him into a business that makes it near impossible to stay afloat, and then punish farmers if they don’t do exactly what they’re told.

Rudy’s Story »

Craig Watts

Humble and unassuming, former contract poultry grower Craig Watts didn’t set out to be the plaintiff in an historic whistleblower lawsuit or to be the star of documentaries, news interviews, and articles. However, in 2014 he was thrust into the spotlight and forced into action when he allowed a nonprofit to film the conditions of his chicken flocks. Watts had enough with industrial farming and spoke his truth.

Craig’s Story »

Court Documents

You can download the court documents by clicking on the following PDF links.

Complaint – Rudy Howell vs. Perdue Farms

Campaign Multimedia

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