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Whistleblower Resources

The Food Integrity Campaign uses a multi-faceted approach when representing whistleblower clients and championing campaigns.

  • Litigation: In addition to other legal actions, FIC is unique in that it offers free and reduced cost legal services to whistleblower plaintiffs. Fighting government and industry giants alone can be a daunting task. FIC helps individual truth-tellers alter the relationship of power between the food industry and consumers.

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  • Advocacy: New and improved legal protections for whistleblowers continue to arise. But the laws that protect food integrity and whistleblowers cannot exist without effective legislative advocacy. Attention to advocacy assures that the Campaign builds upon GAP’s hard-won legislative successes and also provides those who dare to speak out with the necessary legal support to protect their interests. Traditionally, GAP’s advocacy work has been largely limited to federal legislation. FIC has broadened GAP’s legislative agenda to include state and local causes as well as regulatory reform.

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  • Communications: Corrupt organizations will stop at nothing to keep the public from knowing their secrets. The most common industry and government silencing tactic is to “kill the messenger.” An unwitting whistleblower can quickly find him or herself the victim of a brutal smear campaign. At FIC, we use communications and media to ensure truth-tellers get a voice and that their important messages reach the public, who in turn, can activate change. FIC amplifies whistleblowers through a variety of media outlets.

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  • Outreach: Outreach is essential to educating consumers and informing food integrity whistleblowers. Many would-be whistleblowers remain silent because they are not aware of their rights and the resources available to them. FIC takes a proactive approach to reaching out and providing resources to those interested in food integrity. FIC hopes to facilitate greater dialogue around issue areas and inspire greater citizen involvement in the food integrity cause.