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Food Integrity Campaign: Protecting Food, Empowering Whistleblowers


Government Accountability Project supports a community of whistleblowers, truth-tellers and advocates to safeguard our food through the Food Integrity Campaign. Help us protect and empower the people who protect our food’s integrity.

What You Should Know About Retaliation Towards Farmer Truth-Tellers


Here’s what you should know about ongoing and pervasive retaliation against America’s farmers.

Visual History of the Packers and Stockyards Act


Click here to view the more than 101-year history of the fight to enforce protections for farmers and ranchers under the Packers and Stockyards Act.

Rudy Howell: Speaking Truth to Big Chicken


Watch whistleblower Rudy Howell take to the skies to deliver a 95-foot-tall and 875-foot-wide message to the chicken industry. To learn more about Rudy, visit his whistleblower profile

Farm Jeopardy!


Click above to test your Farm IQ with our Jeopardy! style game. The Food Integrity Campaign created this game to draw much needed attention to the Fair Shake for Farmers public awareness campaign to bring attention to the unchecked consolidation in our food system and how that negatively affects farmers, eaters, animals, communities and workers. 

FIC10 Conference Panel 1: Legal Impediments to Fighting Factory Farms


Food Whistleblowers are in the best position to warn of threats…
The first panel of the FIC10 conference was titled, “Overcoming Legal Barriers to Truth-Telling.” The panel featured litigation experts who venerated whistleblowers and their special ability to protect the integrity of our food system. Paul Levy from Public Citizen noted that seeking legal advice early offers the best chance to protect whistleblowers from retaliation and allow their voices to be heard.

FIC10 Conference Panel 2: Food and Climate Change


Food Integrity is a matter of personal choice and political will…In “Food and Climate Change,” panelists explored the importance of shifting individual dietary choices, as well as pressing companies and legislators to make changes. FIC researcher Anna Levy emphasized the need for “meaningful trade reforms” on an international level, while moderator Daniel Vogel reminded attendees that what they buy at grocery stores impacts our environment in profound ways. Lisa Archer of Friends of the Earth noted that we have “to do both.” If you are interested in learning more about the link between climate change and food, please consider reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, We Are the Weather, which illustrates the power of personal responsibility regarding food choices and mitigating climate change.

FIC10 Conference Panel 3: Underrepresented Truth


During the FIC10 Conference panel, “Underrepresented Truth,” former dairy farmworker Crispin Hernandez described his immigration to the U.S. and how he became a low-wage worker. Due to a lack of training and access to proper medical attention, he suffered lifetime injuries while working in industrial animal agriculture. His story is one few consumers hear.

Fellow panelist, Larry Baldwin from Crystal Coast Waterkeeper, likewise shared his stories of underrepresented truth. He discussed his work advocating for environmental justice in North Carolina, where community organizers shed light on how industrial hog waste from CAFO’s are destroying surrounding communities.
Thankfully, both Hernandez and Baldwin also relayed how successful litigation has advanced their causes​.

FIC10 Conference Panel 4: Growing Resistance


Contract growers (a.k.a. industrial poultry farmers) and their advocates spoke out on the FIC10 Conference panel titled “Growing Resistance.” They described just how far the poultry industry will go to keep farmers silent about unfair practices. Contract poultry begins with the promise of a better future, commences with exploitative lending, fails to meet even moderate expectations of fairness, remains unchecked through the use of corporate bullying and the threat of retaliation, and culminates in the decimation of rural communities.

“Farmers are paying the price for corporate efficiency,” concluded Tyler Whitley of Rural Advancement Foundation International. Other panelists included moderator Steve Etka of Etka Consulting; Rudy Howell, Perdue contract farmer for 25 years and advocate for farmers who wish to improve the system; Carlton Sanders, former Contract Poultry Grower; and Mike Weaver, a former contract poultry grower who raised birds for Pilgrim’s Pride for 16 years.

FIC10 Conference Panel 5: Fast Food


The last panel of the FIC10 Conference, dubbed “Fast Food,” emphasized how the so-called efficiency of USDA’s increased line speeds at pork and poultry plants comes at a cost to workers, animals, and the consumer. Former USDA meat inspector Phyllis McKelvey declared, “There’s no way any human being or machine can catch everything” at the new line speeds. FIC adds to Phyllis’ comment and suggests that not only are these speeds not humanly possible, they are not humanely possible either.

Bacon Defender: Stop Trump’s Pork Rule


The Food Integrity Campaign created this satirical game to draw much-needed attention to a Trump administration rule that would deregulate the pork industry. Learn more about Bacon Defender—and the reality behind the game—on our Stop Trump’s Pork Rule campaign page.

WTF Hormel?! Slow down hog inspection!

Animated Infochunk

This animation visualizes the speed at which USDA inspectors are forced to check for contamination at some Hormel pork processing plants. Three seconds per 250-pound hog is way too fast to keep things like fecal matter, toenails, hair, lesions, and tumors out of the food supply. FIC got over 32k people to tell Hormel: Slow down high speed hog inspection! Read more in this blog post.

Ag Gag Undercover

Video Series

FIC’s “Ag Gag Undercover” video series was created to raise awareness about the controversial anti-whistleblower bills introduced in various U.S. states. While the agriculture industry and legislative sponsors try to muddle the public with their reasons for the legislation, these videos aim to simply get at the heart of why Ag Gag bills are problematic and an affront on truth-telling. Learn more and take action on our Ag Gag campaign page.

Poultry Whistleblower Talks Food Safety

Video Series

USDA whistleblower Phyllis McKelvey worked in the public and private capacities within the poultry industry for 44 years. She is an outspoken advocate of safe poultry inspection practices. This event was recorded on March 20, 2013 at American University’s Washington College of Law as part of the American Whistleblower Tour.

Renee Dufault — Mercury Exposure & Your Changing Metabolism

Video Presentation

On December 21, 2012, Government Accountability Project (GAP) Food Integrity Campaign hosted a lunch lecture featuring former GAP client and whistleblower Renee Dufault. She gave a presentation on how nutritional and environmental factors (such as mercury exposure) interact with genes to affect a person’s metabolism, potentially leading to obesity and the development of type-2 diabetes. Renee focused on the consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and how it hinders the body’s ability to eliminate mercury from the body. A former FDA researcher, Renee now heads the Food Ingredient & Health Research Institute (FIHRI), a nonprofit devoted entirely to food ingredient safety, education, and research.