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Corporate Accountability

Currently, only a handful of corporations control our food from farm to fork. Over the past 50 years, fewer and fewer multinational agribusiness corporations have come to control more and more of our food system, shutting out local and family farmers in the process. With unchecked power, companies have standardized exploitative practices that are harmful to farmers, to rural communities, to the animals themselves and to our environment.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Who spoke up? — Key Whistleblowers

Rudy Howell

Long-time Perdue poultry farmer has alleged he was wrongfully discharged for raising concerns about Perdue’s practices. Rudy originally reached out to GAP’s Food Integrity Campaign because he was sick of watching the big chicken companies deceptively trap farmers like him into a business that makes it near impossible to stay afloat, and then punish farmers if they don’t do exactly what they’re told.

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Craig Watts

Humble and unassuming, former contract poultry grower Craig Watts didn’t set out to be the plaintiff in an historic whistleblower lawsuit or to be the star of documentaries, news interviews, and articles. However, in 2014 he was thrust into the spotlight and forced into action when he allowed a nonprofit to film the conditions of his chicken flocks. Watts had enough with industrial farming and spoke his truth.

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Eric Hedrick

Eric Hedrick was once the largest Pilgrim’s Pride poultry grower in West Virginia. He has also been an outspoken opponent of contract growing and an advocate for GIPSA reform. Consequently, he has become the target of retaliation. Eric likens poultry growing to a “lifetime of servitude.” He describes a perilous situation where few growers are […]

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Trina McClendon

Trina McClendon is the co-founder and owner of Trinity Poultry Farm, LLC in Southwest Mississippi. In 2003, Trina and her late husband, Rusty McClendon, built a commercial poultry operation and started full-time in the agriculture industry. Over the past 19 years, Trina has consistently ranked as one of the top poultry growers in her region of […]

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Once you sign your contract, the company won’t let you just be a farmer. They control everything on your farm. I don’t want to do anything that harms my neighbors, or the environment. Even if I wanted to, I can’t change their rigged system.

—- Rudy Howell, Former poultry farmer