Protecting Food. Empowering Whistleblowers.

Get Involved — Current Campaigns

Food Systems + Climate Change

Exploring the critical connection between food systems and climate change.

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Rural Partnerships for a More Just Food System

Keeping clean energy honest, fighting antibiotic resistance and stopping future pandemics, and supporting communities impacted by factory farming.

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Corporate Accountability

With unchecked power, companies have standardized exploitative practices that are harmful to farmers, to rural communities, to the animals themselves and to our environment.

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Industrial Aquaculture

Is there something fishy about factory farmed seafood? Whistleblowers and advocates are expressing concerns and speaking out on what needs to be done to ensure this industry isn’t doing more harm than good.

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Stop High Speed Slaughter

Whistleblowers are pushing back against a dangerous and disgusting high-speed slaughter inspection system. 

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Ag Gag: Safeguarding Industry Secrets by Punishing the Messenger

A crime to report a crime? State laws criminalizing whistleblowers for reporting what's going on behind factory farm doors are sweeping the nation.

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Big Biotech’s Pesticide Use

Pesticide exposure has been linked to neurological disorders, birth defects, and several forms of cancer. But danger does not end there.

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Victories — Past Campaigns

“Ag Gag laws allow industry ‘to completely self-regulate,’ says a whistleblowers’ advocate. That should scare the pants off consumers who want to know how their food is made.”

Ted Genoways, Mother Jones