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Take Action — Let’s Create a Fairer Food System!


We asked USDA to draft rules to promote fairness for farmers. USDA listened and is proposing new rules that requires companies to have more transparent relationships with their farmers. We are happy with these important first steps! But the fight for fairness is not over!  Please consider signing this petition and let your voice be heard on the following important issues:

Tell Congress you want to level the playing field between farmers and corporations!


Why Farmers Need a Fair Shake

THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT’S IN OUR FOOD: As part of the food integrity community, we know you value the right to know how your food is grown and what’s going in it. America’s farmers want the same thing. Let USDA know you appreciate their efforts to make companies disclose what’s going onto America’s farms and your dinner plate.

END EXPLOITATIVE CONTRACTS: The #FairShake campaign asked that farmers get a fair deal when it comes to the contracts they sign. Many farmers are deceived about what they stand to lose by entering these “take or leave it deals” and end up getting heavily in debt. That means bankruptcy for many farmers which in turn decimates rural communities. We need the proposed rules to put an end to this exploitative contracting.

RESET THE BALANCE OF POWER: FIC supporters know and understand that it’s the people, not the corporations, who are feeding the world. We need to reset the balance of power between corporate behemoths and the working people. That starts by making sure that common sense rules like these give farmers basic business disclosure information to make decisions about the future of their farms.

FIX THE RIGGED SYSTEM: Poultry companies pit farmers against each other in a rigged system called the “tournament.” The winner of the tournament is paid from the earnings of the lowest performer. If anyone complains about the system, the poultry companies are notorious for retaliating. Farmers’ paychecks can vary by tens of thousands of dollars based on company-made mistakes, such as quality of the feed provided. Reforms like those in the new Packers and Stockyards Act Rule are needed because the current system unfairly shifts risk onto poultry growers.


Hear What One of Our Farmer Whistleblowers Has to Say

Watch this video: Our farmer whistleblower Rudy Howell has a message for the chicken industry. Watch Rudy as he takes to the skies to deliver a 95-foot-tall and 875-foot-wide message.

Read our Press Release: Farmer Whistleblower Takes to the Skies to Deliver Message for #FairShake for Farmers Week of Action

Read Rudy Howell’s thoughts on how the poultry industry could be fixed in his public comment submitted to the USDA.