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Whistleblower Profile

Rudy Howell

Long-time Perdue poultry farmer has alleged he was wrongfully discharged for raising concerns about Perdue’s practices. Read his full complaint here. Rudy originally reached out to GAP’s Food Integrity Campaign because he was sick of watching the big chicken companies deceptively trap farmers like him into a business that makes it near impossible to stay afloat, and then punish farmers if they don’t do exactly what they’re told. Like Craig Watts before him, Rudy took a big risk to stand up against industry practices that disempower truth-telling farmers. Unfortunately, Rudy was terminated for speaking out. He is now being represented by the Government Accountability Project’s Food Integrity Campaign.

Watch this video of whistleblower Rudy Howell take to the skies to deliver a 95-foot-tall and 875-foot-wide message to the chicken industry: 

Rudy Howell was a chicken farmer for 27 years. But he became a whistleblower when he decided to tell people the truth about how their food is raised, and what is really happening to the farmers that raise it. Rudy became concerned that his company was being dishonest with farmers’ pay. He also witnessed animal welfare issues and unsanitary practices. After years of contacting management and having his concerns ignored, Rudy was fed up. In 2020, Rudy turned to the public. He let a group of visitors tour his barns to see for themselves what chicken production was really like. A few days later, he got a notice that his contract was terminated. After 27 years, of breaking his back to make ends meet while the company made billions in profit, they terminated his contract just like that. It’s time for a change in agriculture in this country. Farmers deserve a fair shake. We need to level the playing field with the big corporations. #FairShake