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Privacy Policy

This website acknowledges your right to privacy. What follows is a description of the minimal information this site collects about donors and visitors, the security measures used to protect this information, and ways you can contact FIC about any privacy-related issues.

Online Donations

All online donations to FIC are processed through Salsa Labs using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer technology to encrypt personal information. Salsa Labs does not disclose credit card information and works with partners to provide a secure environment for credit card donations. Salsa Labs will not share your information with any third-party organization without explicit permission.


Visitors to the FIC website can submit their e-mail address by signing up on the homepage or other pages throughout the site. FIC will not rent, sell or share your e-mail address. FIC uses this information to keep in touch through e-News and e-Alerts. If you wish to remove your e-mail address from these communications, please use the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of e-News and e-Alert messages or e-mail your request to

Intake Application

All intake applications are confidential. To protect your privacy, FIC uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer technology to safeguard data.

Confidential FIC Client Names and Witnesses

Any communication by parties seeking to report wrongdoing is made in the strictest confidence. Communication is confidential and any names, content and related issues will not be shared with any party, agency or company without consent.

Telephone Calls

From time to time, some FIC donors may receive a call from us explaining ways they can join the fight for accountability (e.g. by writing a letter to their representatives) or requesting support. If you wish to be removed from the call list, please call Hudson Bay Member Services at 800-876-2454 or send an e-mail requesting call list removal to

Refund Policy

If a donation is made in error, FIC will refund the donation in-full if the donor makes a request within 60 days of the transaction. To process a refund request, please contact