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Remember Food Whistleblowers on Giving Tuesday!

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a holiday started in 2012 to celebrate the great American tradition of charitable giving. It falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving – this year on December 2, 2014 – serving as a counter-narrative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to remind all of us that the spirit of the holiday giving season should be about community and not just consumerism. Giving Tuesday shows how people can do much more with their wallets than just consume, inspiring people to take action to give in better ways to the causes that help create a better world. More than 5,000 nonprofits, including the Food Integrity Campaign, are participating in this year’s day of giving.

Why Donate to the Food Integrity Campaign?

The Campaign confronts food integrity issues by facilitating truth-telling within the industry. The food supply is increasingly in the hands of agribusiness giants, but FIC significantly levels the playing field between industry and consumers by protecting the rights of individuals who witness practices that compromise food integrity. The Campaign gives voice to truth-telling individuals who, without adequate protection, would be silenced.

The Campaign and our whistleblower clients are only successful because of folks like you. Your contributions support FIC’s ability to face corporate and government giants (tens of thousands of times our size and budget) in our work protecting truth-tellers. With limited resources, we have had to develop effective strategies while being efficient with our funds in challenging such extraordinarily powerful foes.

We look forward to your gift on Tuesday, December 2.

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