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Tips and Suggested Talking Points for Public Commenting

According to government rules, USDA must ask for and consider consumer feedback when it proposes a regulation. Your comment will be read by USDA officials, and the more people comment, the more likely we are to stop Trump’s Pork Rule aka the National Swine Inspection System (NSIS) rule.

Simply tell USDA that you care about this rule and then tell them why. Is it about food safety for you and your family? Are you most concerned about workers getting hurt on the job? Perhaps animal welfare bothers you the most. The comment doesn’t need to be long for it to matter. Just make your opinion heard!

Here are a few comment suggestions (feel free to cut and paste):

I oppose USDA’s proposed National Swine Inspection System rule for the following reason(s):

  • Whistleblowing USDA FSIS inspectors from trial NSIS plants have reported that carcasses with “quality” issues such as fecal matter, toenails, and pieces of organs keep moving down the line.
  • Increased line speeds increase the risk of injury to plant workers, who already work one of the most dangerous jobs in America.
  • Poorly trained plant-employed inspectors can’t replace USDA FSIS inspectors in their ability to identify defects that affect food quality and safety.
  • Plant management have more power to retaliate against plant-employed inspectors who speak up about food safety concerns.
  • Pigs are more likely to be inhumanely handled in plants that focus on speed.
  • The NSIS plan puts profit ahead of food safety, worker safety, and animal welfare.

Tell USDA to stop Trump’s dirty and dangerous NSIS rule:

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Food safety has gone down the drain.

—–Anonymous Inspector (Affidavit #3)