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FIC Farmer Whistleblower Featured in Documentary ‘The End of Medicine’

Food Integrity Campaign | May 10, 2022

Farmer Rudy’s Story Hits the Big Screen

Our famer whistleblower is speaking truth to power in the movie The End of Medicine. For those not familiar with Rudy Howell’s story, in 2020, farmer Rudy was terminated for speaking out against the poultry industry. After being in business with the poultry industry for over 25 years as a poultry grower, Rudy noticed lapses and problems with sanitation and health standards. When efforts to resolve these issues internally failed, Rudy went public. FIC filed a whistleblower complaint on his behalf. Although Rudy risked everything by speaking out, it’s clear his truth-telling is now serving a greater societal interest!

The dirty secrets the poultry industry tried to hide are getting mainstream attention! Howell’s whistleblower story is featured in the documentary, The End of Medicine. The film is executive produced by two-time Oscar nominee Rooney Mara and Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix! In a joint statement the Hollywood pair said, “We hope that The End of Medicine is an eye-opening call to action and ignites a spark of willingness to change our habits.”

The documentary shines a light on antibiotic resistance and zoonotic diseases spread from animals to humans that are the result of industrial animal agricultural practices. The film explores this looming public health crisis.

As a farmer who once worked in the system, Rudy told the truth about what’s really going on in those chicken barns. He knew how bad the poultry industry was and has been fighting for a better food system for years. The poultry companies control everything and threaten farmers who try to do the right thing for you and your family. Rudy lost his contract when he spoke out, but he’s not about to stop telling it like it is.  

FIC knows there are many chicken farmers just like Rudy who are sick and tired of business as usual. We call them “The Growing Resistance” because they’re tired of Big Ag’s deception and exploitation. These farmers want people to know that contract poultry growing is not what it’s marketed as. It’s our hope that more farmers will join our effort to create a more just food system.

We are proud to support the courageous truth-telling of our client and farmer whistleblower, Rudy Howell. Please consider watching the movie, The End of Medicine. You may agree or disagree with the movie’s strong vegan message, but we can all agree that there’s a lot these industries are hiding, and we need whistleblowers to tell us what’s going on. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your livelihood to speak the truth. We should all support truth-telling.

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