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Food Integrity Campaign | September 22, 2021

55 national, state and regional organizations advocating for fair and competitive markets for food and agriculture signed and delivered the following letter to Secretary of Agriculture.

The signing organizations, representing a diverse array of interests including labor, environment, public health, community agriculture, animal welfare and farmers, joined this letter to thank the Department of Agriculture for its announced plans to move forward with a set of three rulemakings to update and clarify aspects of the Packers and Stockyards Act (PSA) to address the treatment of livestock and poultry farmers by meatpackers, swine contractors and poultry companies. The letter encourages the Secretary of Agriculture to move as expeditiously as possible to complete the rulemaking process.

Read the full letter along with the list of signing organizations here:

PSA Rule Group Letter Sept 2021 final SL

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  1. Edith Ogella says:

    We cannot continue to support the industrialization of agriculture. Small farms, locally owned, use the knowledge of their areas to determine the crops to be planted, or the trees to be planted. They have knowledge of the patterns of rain and temperature. Rotation of crops, and the use of animals to restore the soil cannot be accomplished on an industrial scale. Climate change will continue to increase to dangerous levels unless a return to a more nurturing pattern is encouraged. Please consider supporting small, local farmers, and cease the welfare gifts to corporate agriculture. Their only interest is profit.Report

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