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ACT NOW: Stop USDA from Ditching the Organic Animal Welfare Rule

Food Integrity Campaign | January 16, 2018

Dear FIC Supporter,

Today you have an opportunity to speak on behalf of animal welfare.

Organic producers and USDA have worked together for over a decade to create a standard for animal welfare on organic livestock and poultry farms. While many producers follow an excellent standard of care, some large facilities raise animals under the USDA organic label that get little access to the outdoors and to pasture. The Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule strengthens the organic standard and ensures good practices, especially in these large facilities.

USDA has unwisely chosen not to implement the rule, even though it has overwhelming support from conscious consumers and the organic industry itself. Clear, transparent animal welfare standards benefit consumers, animals, and farmers.

We have one last chance to tell USDA to save the Organic Animal Welfare standards.

Tell USDA today that you care about animal welfare!

CLICK HERE to tell USDA not to withdraw the rule! Use the suggested language below, or write in your own words.


Dear USDA,

As a concerned consumer, I urge you to not withdraw the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule.

Consumers and the organic industry have already spoken up overwhelmingly in favor of the rule, which creates better transparency under the organic label and ensures conditions in which animals can express their natural behaviors.


[Your name]