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Ag Gag Bills Dying Off in Early 2015

Food Integrity Campaign | April 7, 2015

Ag Gag laws that aim to criminalize truth-tellers at factory farms have been introduced in various states, but opposition is strong. The Food Integrity Campaign is happy to share some good news: measures in Arkansas and Kentucky have both failed, and New Mexico’s legislature allowed its Ag Gag bill to languish, leaving it “almost certainly dead” before the session ended.

These bills continue to raise constitutional concerns, as well as general skepticism as to what the industry has to hide. Even the National Pork Producers Council noted that 99 percent of news stories about Ag Gag were negative. People want the truth and Ag Gag means concealing the truth about animal welfare, food safety, the environment, worker rights, and transparency issues.

Meanwhile, Ag Gag laws in Idaho and Utah are currently being challenged in federal courts, with action on both cases scheduled for later this year. We’ll keep you updated as news unfolds.

It shouldn’t be a crime to REPORT a crime. Join the 40,000+ people speaking out against Ag Gag on behalf of whistleblowers.


Sarah Damian is Communications Manager for the Food Integrity Campaign.