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Go Canada! Integrity Award Given to Milk Hormone (rBGH) Whistleblowers

Food Integrity Campaign | November 28, 2011

The day that whistleblowers are given awards by their superiors – instead of pink slips – would be a miraculous day for public safety. Meanwhile (and that’s a long while at this rate), any support rewarding their brave honesty helps all whistleblowers know the risks are appreciated. Good news on the affirmation front comes from […]

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Anti-Union Retaliation at US Foods Sets Off Protests Nationwide

Food Integrity Campaign | November 4, 2011

Anti-union retaliation at one of the country’s largest food distributors, US Foods, sparked a worker strike in Illinois last Sunday (Oct. 30). In the following week, sympathy picket lines spread to warehouses in Missouri, New York, Indiana, Minnesota, Washington, New Jersey, and Colorado. According to GAP coalition partner International Brotherhood of Teamsters, more than 2100 […]

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Shareholder to Monsanto: Be Transparent about Genetically Engineered Food Risks

Food Integrity Campaign | November 4, 2011

Biotechnology giant Monsanto continues to tout the benefits of genetically engineered crops without seriously acknowledging any risks despite concerns repeatedly raised by farmers, citizen activists and other whistleblowers. Given the desire to satisfy investors and future profitability, it’s not surprising Monsanto has only emphasized the alleged positives of its products. However, one of its shareholders […]

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Stop Industry Self-Policing of Food Ingredient Safety

Food Integrity Campaign | October 27, 2011

American food products are commonly filled with substances used to enhance the shelf life, color and flavor of food, as well as enhance the vitamin content or nutritional value that may have been lost during processing. But did you know that a large portion of these added ingredients now in the U.S. market were classified […]

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United Nations Report: Contract Farmer Exploitation Imperils Food Integrity

Food Integrity Campaign | October 24, 2011

Today the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food released a report to the UN General Assembly that explores the effects that the world-wide expansion of contract farming has on the right to food. The report describes how these contract arrangements, in which farmers agree to provide their products to processing or marketing […]

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Monsanto Interests Guide U.S. Diplomacy, WikiLeaks Cables Show

Food Integrity Campaign | August 29, 2011

We know Monsanto and other biotech giants have been pushing genetically modified crops around the globe, but new diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks last week make it clear how entangled our government is in corporate agricultural interests. U.S. diplomats have certainly been making an effort to protect GM interests abroad. Truthout reports: Several cables describe […]

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East Texas Review – Truckers Play a Key Food Safety Role

August 15, 2011

The following op-ed was written by FIC Director Amanda Hitt. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in the Xenia Daily Gazette (OH), Bristol Press (CT), New Britain Herald (CT), Herkimer Telegram (NY), Little Falls Times (NY), Union Daily Times (SC), and Wayne Independent (PA). Food safety is running afoul in Springdale — in more ways […]

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Where’s the Oversight? Food Animal Production Breeds Antibiotic Resistance

Food Integrity Campaign | August 10, 2011

A resurgence in the discussion of antibiotic (over)use in large-scale animal agriculture has emerged in light of the antibiotic-resistant Salmonella outbreak linked to ground turkey. A group of Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to the FDA on Tuesday urging it to speed up the implementation of guidelines to help manage drug use in food animal […]

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Tyson Truck Driver Death Demands an Analysis of Food Worker Safety Conditions

Food Integrity Campaign | August 5, 2011

When it comes to food headlines, Springdale, Arkansas can’t catch a break. In the same city Cargill suspended its turkey processing plant after being linked to the recent Salmonella outbreak, a Tyson Foods truck driver died Wednesday morning after being pinned between two truck trailers outside Tyson’s Springdale poultry plant. I might also add that […]

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Meat and Poultry Injected with Salt/Water Solution Needs Labeling, USDA Rules

Food Integrity Campaign | July 25, 2011

The USDA has finally decided consumers should know when a meat product is composed of 40 percent water-salt solution. Wow, you think? Congratulations, Department of Agriculture, for at last addressing the common industry practice of pumping ingredients into meat and supporting adequate labeling. According to the agency, 30% of poultry, 15% of beef and 90% […]

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