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Senator Warren and more Congress members call on DOJ to protect farmers and eaters

Food Integrity Campaign | February 23, 2022

A mega merger between poultry companies, Sanderson Farms (third largest poultry processor) and Wayne Farms (sixth largest poultry processor), would give more power to just a handful of poultry companies. Poultry is already one of the most heavily concentrated industries. Our client and whistleblower, Trina McClendon, recently spoke up about impact of poultry company mergers and consolidation in this industry before the US House Committee of the Judiciary. ​We are working everyday to hold these corporations accountable.

On February 16, 2022, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Representative Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.) and other members of congress slammed this proposed merger and “called on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to thoroughly review the deal and step in to prevent harm to American farmers and consumers”.

To read the official press release from the Office of Senator Elizabeth Warren, go here.

Below is a copy of the official letter that Members of Congress sent to the US Department of Justice (DOJ):



  1. Douglas W. Paprocki says:

    Enough is enough.Report

  2. Ellen Ribolla says:

    We need protection!Report

  3. Betty Brooks says:

    Stop monopolies.Report

  4. Marco M. Pardi says:

    I was born into Fascist Italy and have studied its principles all my life. The increasing power of large corporations when they merge is expressed in the growing pressure they are able to exert on the political policies rendered by those who depend on donations to get elected. This is the insidious march of true Fascism in the American society, and it is unrecognized by most Americans today. In his autobiography, which I have, Mussolini simply states: Fascism is corporatism.Report

  5. Russell Ziegler says:

    Enough is enoughReport

  6. M. Catherine White says:

    Strangulating Monopolies are NOT fair to Farmers or ConsumersReport

  7. Bill O'Brien says:

    The consumer does not need Poultry Co megers. These mergers do not benefit from mergers it gives these companies more monopolistic power in an already poultry industry with consumers not having many choices.Report

  8. alice Jena says:

    Please stop MonopoliesReport

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