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Rally Recap: Food Distribution Workers Fight Giant Greed

Food Integrity Campaign | April 4, 2011

“Giant Ain’t The G They Used to Be,” chanted D.C. hip hop artist Head Roc at a rally Wednesday afternoon at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ national headquarters. In front of the IBT steps, GAP joined hundreds of grocery and warehouse workers in protest of recent moves by industry that affront worker rights and food […]

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Proposed Anti-Whistleblower Laws Threaten Food Integrity

Food Integrity Campaign | March 15, 2011

When it comes to bringing horrific truths to the public eye, undercover footage and images are often an effective outlet for whistleblowers who otherwise risk retaliation when speaking up. Such use of media to promote transparency in our food system has come under attack, however, in recently proposed legislation. Florida state Senator Jim Norman (R-Tampa) […]

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Restaurant Industry Report: Poor Working Conditions Threaten Food Integrity

Food Integrity Campaign | February 17, 2011

Food service industry workers have it tough, according to a new report — Behind the Kitchen Door: A Multi-Site Study of the Restaurant Industry — released by Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, a national restaurant workers’ organization launched in 2008. In fact, workers face conditions that threaten both themselves as well as public health — […]

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Salmonella Victims to Call for Criminal Charges Against Former Peanut Corp. CEO

Food Integrity Campaign | February 10, 2011

Press Conference To Be Held Tomorrow During GAP’s Day-Long Food Whistleblower Protections Conference (Washington, D.C.) – Tomorrow, Friday, February 11th, at the American University Washington College of Law, Salmonella victims and their families will be sharing their stories at a press conference, and calling for criminal charges to be brought against former Peanut Corporation of […]

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Friday Conference Analyzes Revolutionary Food Whistleblower Protections

Food Integrity Campaign | February 9, 2011

(Washington, D.C.) – The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is reminding all interested parties about its upcoming conference, Employee Rights and the Food Safety Modernization Act, which will analyze the far-reaching implications of new whistleblower protections for food industry workers, and the law’s overall impact on food safety. Launched by GAP’s Food Integrity Campaign (FIC) and […]

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Obama’s (Salmon) Support for Agency Restructuring Could Help Food Integrity

Food Integrity Campaign | January 26, 2011

President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night didn’t include significant mentions of food or agriculture, but what he did bring up regarding the inadequate structure of government agencies, or Regulatory Chaos as we like to call it, has major play in the areas FIC serves. From Obama’s speech: We live and do business […]

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Jimmy John’s Union Effort Continues after Retaliation Investigation

Food Integrity Campaign | January 12, 2011

The unionization effort at Jimmy John’s sub sandwich outlets in the Minneapolis area scored a victory Monday when the National Labor Relations Board nullified an October election that defeated the union move. The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, or ‘Wobblies’) had sought to represent workers at 10 of the restaurant chain’s shops but lost […]

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Corporate Whistleblower Protections Included in Food Safety Legislation

Food Integrity Campaign | December 21, 2010

Protections Cover Workers in Industries Regulated by FDA; GAP Calls for Similar Rights for Federal Workers to be Passed (Washington, D.C.) – Today, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) is praising Congress for passing the most comprehensive whistleblower protections for food industry workers in history. A provision in the Food Safety Modernization Act, passed today by […]

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FDA Crackdown on Caffeine in Alcohol Shows Regulation Promise

Food Integrity Campaign | November 29, 2010

Navigating the regulatory maze that is our food system can be quite a task, especially figuring out who monitors what and various agencies’ process for enforcing rules. But when it comes to food additives, that’s the FDA’s business. Caffeine has become hit news lately, particularly its dangerous effects when mixed with alcohol. The agency’s recent […]

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Public Health at the Core of Food Integrity

Amanda Hitt | November 16, 2010

FIC is coming down from a mile high! Last week I was in Denver, Colorado at the 138th American Public Health Association Convention. Over 12,000 nurses, doctors, and those concerned with public health, converged to participate in this year’s APHA Convention themed “Social Justice: A Public Health Imperative.” Without a doubt, social justice is an […]

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