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Celebrate the Truth in Agriculture at FIC’s Ten Year Anniversary Conference!

FIC Staff | October 4, 2019

Celebrate the Truth in Agriculture at FIC’s Ten Year Anniversary Conference!

Join us starting November 12 for the Food Integrity Campaign’s (FIC) 10th anniversary celebration – “FIC 10: Representing Truth in Agriculture,” featuring a full week of events in Washington, DC!

Everyone eats and everyone is affected by the integrity of the food production system. Food industry whistleblowers have been bringing food safety concerns to Government Accountability Project for more than three decades. In 2009, FIC was created and expanded to include food and agriculture related disclosures about animal welfare, environmental health, worker’s rights, and more.

And what a decade it’s been! FIC has fought anti-whistleblower ag gag laws across the country, represented the food safety hero who blew the whistle on “pink slime,” filed a historic lawsuit to protect a poultry contract grower from integrator retaliation, pushed back against USDA’s efforts to privatize poultry and hog inspection, and successfully advocated for the gold-standard whistleblower protections found in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

In partnership with the American University Washington School of Law, FIC looks to the future of food system whistleblower protections. Our day-long conference on Friday, November 15th will feature sessions on: 

  •  Underrepresented Truth: Exploring inadequate and unequal access to environmental justice (unique challenges of low-wage workers, immigrants, undocumented workers, and the rural poor).
  • Overcoming Legal Bars to Truth-Telling: Legal professionals discuss industry tricks of the trade such as veggie libel, SLAPP suits, defamation threats, non-disclosure agreements, and sealing documents.
  • Contract Farmers and the Growing Resistance in Rural America: Former whistleblowers and their allies who challenge corrupt corporate farming models.
  •  Fast Food: Impacts of USDA’s Increased Pork and Poultry Line Speeds. What does this mean for workers, animals, food safety and the environment?
  • Food and Climate Change: The truth about how what we eat can affect the planet. Panelists discuss the role of agriculture in the mitigation of our climate crisis.

Register here for the free conference, and click here for information about other events that week, including a free screening of the documentary, Eating Animals!