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Dean Wyatt Award for Truth-Telling and VIP Event Photos

Food Integrity Campaign | December 13, 2019

Congratulations to farmer and friend, Craig Watts!

Former contract poultry grower Craig Watts didn’t set out to be the plaintiff in an historic whistleblower lawsuit or to be the star of documentaries, news interviews, and articles. However, in 2014 he was thrust into the spotlight and forced into action when he allowed Compassion in World Farming to film the reality of his chicken flocks. His path has not been an easy one. But despite adversity, Craig has remained faithful to his fellow growers and has become a stalwart advocate for increased grower protections, improved poultry welfare, and truth in agriculture.

The Dean Wyatt Award for Truth-telling was created in 2019 to celebrate the achievements of animal welfare whistleblowers. Dr. Dean Wyatt was a courageous USDA Public Health Veterinarian who risked his livelihood and professional reputation to speak out against atrocities at pig and calf slaughterhouses. Tragically, he lost his life to cancer in 2010, but his truth-telling has led to lasting reforms and a legacy of whistleblowers who bravely follow in his path.

VIP Event Photos

See below for photos from the Food Integrity Campaign 10th Anniversary VIP Event and Awards Ceremony held on November 14, 2019 at The Loft 600F. Photography by Charlene Lim (

Full photo gallery: