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Trump Signs Worrying “2-for-1” Order That Could Harm Food Safety, Animal Welfare, and the Environment

Food Integrity Campaign | January 31, 2017


What’s all this “two-for-one” business about?

Earlier this week, President Trump signed an unprecedented and illogical executive order requiring “all executive agencies, including those responsible for overseeing banking, pensions, the environment, health, transportation, and workplace safety” to slash two regulations for every new one proposed. This ill-planned effort was presumably put in place by the Trump administration to diminish regulatory redundancy and shrink government oversight. But in effect, this deal only serves to diminish our hopes for a food system that keeps consumers and workers safe and protects animal and environmental welfare!

We’re all for improving government efficiency and rooting out redundancy, but the implication of this order may compel the Environmental Protection Agency, as just one example, to choose between protecting endangered species and controlling the abuse of harmful pesticides.

To be sure, there are certain regulations and government programs that would be better off eliminated precisely because they are more beneficial to large corporations than the general public (we’re looking at you, HIMP). On the whole, however, a good number of these regulations, including the recent passage of the USDA’s GIPSA rules, which will provide sweeping protections for small contract farmers nationwide, are absolutely necessary.

It’s clear, then, that this executive order will only serve to confuse agency heads and cut critical programs unnecessarily, for the sole purpose of scaling back federal oversight. It imposes what can aptly be described as an alarming and superfluous “double bind” on federal agencies.

This is dangerous, misguided, and threatens the progress FIC and supporters like you have worked so hard to secure.

You can be sure that FIC stands prepared to vigilantly defend individuals and policies that could be adversely affected by this executive order. We have and will continue to succeed through massive popular support. That means you. Your continued support—financial or otherwise—is more important than ever before.

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Image: Gage Skidmore