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Key Parts of Idaho’s Ag Gag Law May Be Challenged, Judge Rules

Food Integrity Campaign | September 8, 2014

Good news emerged last week regarding Idaho’s anti-whistleblower Ag Gag law. U.S. District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmill is allowing most of the challenges against the law to move forward.

FIC submitted an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit seeking to overturn the Ag Gag law, which aims to silence agriculture industry whistleblowers. We’re glad to see that most of the concerns addressed in the lawsuit will not be dismissed, including its First Amendment claim stating that the law restricts protected speech.

The Court also concluded that the law presents the dilemma of choosing between complying with a section of the law and “risking prosecution under the challenged provision by engaging in whistleblower conduct it says federal law explicitly encourages and protects.”

In March of this year, Idaho became the first state to pass an Ag Gag bill since 2012. This was a disappointing blow, but we refused to give up the fight. This court ruling is very encouraging. Share the good news on Facebook and follow us on social media for future updates. You can also sign our petition to stop all Ag Gag bills and help build the culture of truth-telling!


Sarah Damian is Communications Manager of the Food Integrity Campaign.


  1. Dennis Landi says:

    There needs to be more individuals willing to let the government and the general public know what certain businesses are doing that is not right.

    By stopping the Ag Gag rule, more individuals would be more willing to come forward without the fear of losing their job or threats being made against them and/or their families.

    More of us should be made aware of business wrongdoings, so we need more individuals that can be whistleblowers that can also be safe without facing the possibility of unemployment or prosecution because they are coming forward. Please stop the Ag Gag bill from passing. Thank you.Report

  2. charay malas says:

    do not pass the ag gag bill!!!!!!!!! you are showing that you do not care about animals or peoples health. only money. as long as this continues i will no longer buy any of your products.Report

  3. Suzanne Michael says:

    Maybe once Obama is out of office the war on whistleblowers will go down although if Hillary gets in next I think she’ll be just as bad!
    These CAFO’s wouldn’t need these gag laws if they were treating their animals better and not purposely torturing them just for fun. On small family farms they aren’t treated like that, even though their raised for food, they have a good life before being killed! When you’re dealing with thoudand of them on one farm you don’t have an attachment to any of them and treat them like dirt! I don’t know how people can work at these mega farms and not lose their sanity, or become more evil! I’ve seen videos of hogs being tortured before being killed while the men doing it are laughing. It’s disgusting what these animals go through to get to our table! I’m working real hard to get off meat completely because I feel so bad about their suffering.Report

  4. EYG says:

    Ag gag should be on every news broadcast and on the front page of every news paper. It is so heinous I am offended as an American with this corrupt crap.Report

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