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Does the need for truth ever stop? Check out the new Instagram story series from Food Integrity Campaign.

Food Integrity Campaign | May 27, 2020

We are excited to announce our new Instagram story series. Throughout these unprecedented times, we will be sharing updates from FIC whistleblowers and how the pandemic has impacted their lives and food integrity advocacy.

The work of a whistleblower never stops, even in a pandemic. As you know, Covid-19 has exposed serious flaws in our food system across several sectors. Whistleblowers have never been more needed and necessary. The FIC team is working closely with whistleblower farmers, federal inspectors, plant workers and many others to keep track of what is happening in our supply chains. We will be keeping you informed as we work to rebuild a more resilient, just and sustainable food system!

Our first Instagram stories series will feature Craig Watts, former contract poultry farmer turned farmer advocate. We hope you will enjoy this series. Be on the lookout for more featured whistleblowers on Instagram @foodintegritycampaign!

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Craig Watts, Whistleblower and FIC Client

Craig Watts, Whistleblower and FIC Client, pictured above at the FIC10 Conference VIP event in November of 2019, where he received the Dean Wyatt Award for Truth-telling.