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PBS Food: Dirty Birds – A Story of Chickens in America

March 5, 2015

FIC client Craig Watts shares his story as a Perdue contract farmer and whistleblower in this segment of PBS Food’s “Original Fare.”


  1. JOAN AUTR says:

    I will NEVER eat another filthy, unhealthy faqctory farm chicken. NEVER!Report

  2. Emily O'Hare says:

    Profit is getting in the way of truth-telling causing suffering to
    the animals and consumption of dangerous chemicals by consumers who are deluded by the lies.Report

  3. Cindy says:

    That’s horrific!! This is exactly why I buy organic meats. I try to buy as much as I can from my local farms. This way I see where my food comes from and know that what I’m getting is great quality, chemical/drug and pesticide free.Report

  4. Lois DeWitt says:

    Organic is not necessarily the best option for chicken. Certified humane is a better choice, Free range can be the filthy barns that chickens are raised in. We need better regulation all the way around.Report

  5. Jane says:

    Our government has chosen to sleep with the enemy. They have sold out to lobbyists and failed the American people. They do not fund organizations that fight this vile industry and are probably stock holders in these businesses. To our government, do your damn job and protect Americans from the food industry you and our courts of law have supported for so long. Stop the pain and cruelty to the animals that feed your fat asses, among other things. And, let’s not forget that factory farming is the #1 cause of pollution, well ahead of the fossil fuels that are the diversion for the real problem. The people are speaking loud and clear.Report

  6. Kathy Simmons says:

    The truth needs to be told. Perdue has never been nice to chickens. Money…money, and more money is their bottom line. Gluten-free means nothing when you treat the animals the way they do.Report

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