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PBS Highlights Danger of USDA’s New Poultry Rule

Food Integrity Campaign | September 9, 2014

Watch the PBS piece below about USDA’s dangerous new poultry inspection rule, which was finalized recently against the wishes of the agency’s own inspectors and countless others concerned about public health. The rule hands government oversight of food safety to the plants themselves.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Privatization of the meat industry is now a reality. Does that book The Jungle ring a bell? This should be a concern to anyone who eats meat or knows someone who does.

In the video, FIC Director Amanda Hitt states:

“What’s been consistent is a culture where the meat inspectors themselves aren’t heard and they’re not listened to and they’re frequently disregarded, and that comes at the peril of the consumer.”

FIC is outraged that the rule went through, but we are continuing the fight to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen for other species. Join our email list to stay updated on future actions.


Sarah Damian is Communications Manager for the Food Integrity Campaign.


  1. Jason says:

    This is a slippery slope indeed.Report

  2. Suzanne Michael says:

    With the poultry line being speeded up and sent over to China to be processed I can see why they have to run them through chemicals because if they don’t the chickens are covered in feceses. Why are we sending chickens 1400 miles round trip when it could be done right here in America. I won’t feed my pets anything from China I sure as heck won’t be eating any chickens that have been processed in China! All my chickens will come from farmers I know or a farmers market where their not pumped full of chemicals.I barely eat any meat anymore because I don’t trust that their not using downed cows and sick animals in our stores! And all the antibiotics they pump into them isn’t any better. It’s like their trying to kill us poor and middle class even faster.Report

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