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Politico: GAP Coming After Pork and Beef

August 7, 2014


Now that the USDA has released its final rule on poultry inspection modernization, the Government Accountability Project’s Food Integrity Campaign is remaking itself to take on a broader array of interests. The campaign’s director, Amanda Hitt, says the group’s next step is to take on slaughter speeds in the pork and beef industries.

“I would like to develop a full campaign around this,” Hitt tells MA. “There is no question that we are going to grow in size. We’re going to have to make a broader campaign, and that is going to mean throwing more money at it.” Hitt added that the group will likely add to its legal team and perhaps search for a campaign manager.

The revamp is paired with the launch of a new website designed to aid industry whistleblowers looking to publicize conditions in food animal production facilities. The new site is accompanied by a one-and-a-half minute digital short depicting advocates, whistleblowers and “truth tellers” pushing away the walls of political and industrial interests that separate the general population from food sources. Check out the new site and animated video here: