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President Trump’s Pork Recipe for America

Food Integrity Campaign | June 6, 2017

President Trump’s Department of Agriculture has a simple new recipe it is eager for you to try.

First, generously add as much political influence from a powerful meat industry as the American public can tolerate. Next, stir in a generous amount of animal abuse, environmental damage, and worker exploitation. Lastly, while no one is paying attention, reduce all community concern and input from the decision-making pot. Let that simmer for a bit, and voila—you’ve cooked up the new slaughter rules governing pork inspection!

That’s right. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has expressed interest in making Hog HIMP—a regulation that would deregulate the meat industry—the new national norm. Less regulation of industry makes it a lot cheaper for corporations to operate. Under HIMP, line speeds at pilot plants run up to 20 percent faster than those at plants operating under traditional inspection.

Quicker speeds make it even more difficult for plant employees and USDA inspectors to detect contamination on carcasses. Toenails, hair, and fecal matter are finding their way into the food supply. A few years ago, FIC published the affidavits of federal meat inspectors exposing how awful these pilot plants are.  We also marshaled a recent campaign to stop Hormel (currently piloting a Hog HIMP program) from using the HIMP model.

Now, Trump wants to take HIMP national!

Quicker speeds make it even more difficult for plant employees and USDA inspectors to detect contamination on carcasses.

We need to let the White House know that we don’t want what they are trying to feed us!

We will have more opportunities to speak out against HIMP as rule unveils. When this rule shows up, let’s be ready to fight it!

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  1. Graciela Huth says:

    As with everything in life and politics the only way to end any abuse depends on the response by the people.

    Our employees, starting with the president and going down at all levels in government are used to our sheepishly conditioned tax contributor attitude. We spend our hard earned dollars in whatever they sell us and besides adding our name to a petition once in a while we allow them to rule on every aspect of our life.

    I have already made my decision as to industrial farming exuding poisons and animal abuse saturated with hormones and antibiotics. I don’t like what politicians have decided I should eat and drink so I do not drink either sodas or milk. I have also become a vegan and I buy my vegetables from local farmers who grow organic food.

    If we all, the strongest force in society, did a progressive change away from what they try to impose on us, they would feel it immediately in their pockets, the only parameter they have left to determine the consequence of their actions and we would notice the change for the better.

    By allowing the money hungry corporations do whatever they want, we are feeding their hunger for profit. The balance can only happen when their action causes a reaction on our part. Without our reaction we have lost the fight for survival and the chance to live in a healthy society.Report

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