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Press Advisory: Dept. of Agriculture Ramps Up Dangerous Food Processing Practices

Food Integrity Campaign | October 4, 2018

For Immediate Release:

Government Accountability Project’s Food Integrity Campaign Condemns High-Speed Poultry Plants

WASHINGTON – The Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Friday that it will be increasing line speeds in poultry plants without opportunity for public comment. For years, the Government Accountability Project’s Food Integrity Campaign has been investigating pilot high-speed poultry plants, taking affidavits from employees, and representing whistleblowers. Its investigations have found, unequivocally, that high-speed poultry slaughter poses a threat to workers, meat inspectors, animals, and consumers. USDA Poultry Meat Inspector affidavits outlining the problems with high-speed poultry slaughter can be found here.

Amanda Hitt, Director of the Government Accountability Project’s Food Integrity Campaign, warned “The administration tried to pull a fast one and sneak this poultry slaughter speed change past consumer scrutiny. President Trump can’t hide the well-documented failed performance of this flawed program.”


Contact: Amanda Hitt, Food Integrity Campaign Director
Phone: (202) 457-0034 ext. 159


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