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Rudy Howell Complaint of Retaliation

Food Integrity Campaign | February 12, 2021

Today, Government Accountability Project/Food Integrity Campaign filed a Whistleblower Complaint on behalf of poultry grower, Rudy Howell. The Complaint alleges that Rudy is a whistleblower and was wrongfully terminated for making protected disclosures.

“Rudy Howell owns and operates the Robert Miller poultry farm in Fairmont, North Carolina. For over 25 years, Howell was contracted exclusively to Perdue to raise chickens for them. Perdue awarded Howell “Top Producer” several times. Perdue never disciplined Howell, nor audited him for any potential noncompliance or performance issues, prior to his sudden retaliatory termination.”

Read about Rudy’s disclosures and brave truth-telling in the Complaint: