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USDA Wants Data on High-Speed Pork Inspection? Listen to Your Own Inspectors!

Food Integrity Campaign | April 22, 2015

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has reportedly begun collecting data to support a potential rule that would increase line speeds and essentially deregulate inspection at pork plants.

What more data do they need to realize that this model is a bad idea? Multiple USDA whistleblowers stationed at pilot plants have already revealed why this plan is bad for food safety and simply a move to appease the pork producers. Even trained government inspectors can’t properly identify and remove contamination (including toenails, hair, feces, and cystic kidneys!) at these high-speed plants. We’re talking 83 pounds of pork zooming by every second! If that’s not enough data to know the program needs a revamp, I don’t know what is.

That’s why the Food Integrity Campaign has been urging top pork producer Hormel to lead the way and abandon USDA’s high-speed inspection program. Please join our effort to stop this plan in its tracks.

Sign the petition to stop high-speed inspection at pork plants!


Sarah Damian is Communications Manager for the Food Integrity Campaign.


  1. DAC says:

    USDA, FSIS management is not interested in your objections and no amount of complaining will make a difference. They have been headed down this road since the mid 70’s when they initially introduced NELs, SIS in chicken slaughter and TQC in processing then they introduced PR/HACCP which was never designed for raw products in 1998, HIMP in poultry and hog slaughter and now NPIS. Every step of the way, the industries interests have been put ahead of the health and welfare of the consuming public. Even when FSIS was fudging the numbers they haven’t dropped these flawed inspection systems but made slight adjustments to continue down this road to allowing the industry to police themselves.Report

  2. Karen Burroughs says:

    I already do not trust our food supply, this would further decrease the quality and increase the cruelty of our meat production. I will go vegan because I would not trust the fox to guard our henhouse.Report

  3. Barbara Sanders says:

    The previous commenters are right. Most of our government watchdog agencies have been infiltrated by business interests via the famous revolving door for quite some time. These people don’t care what they give us to eat, they only care what Wall Street thinks about their revenue. To be fair, federal regulations require all publicly owned businesses to meet their “fiduciary responsibility”, which says the bottom line (shareholder revenue) comes first. And it was Congress that first changed the financial support for these watchdog agencies from federal money to being paid for by business. Talk about the perfect storm – and we all are reaping the whirlwind!Report

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