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You Can Promote Truth in Agriculture: Lend Your Voice to a Small Farmer!

Food Integrity Campaign | December 8, 2014

The Food Integrity Campaign announced Friday that we are representing contract poultry farmer Craig Watts, who bravely publicized concerns last week that behemoth chicken producer Perdue is being misleading about its animal welfare labels. We know consumers care about these issues, and with your help spreading Craig’s message through social media, you can demand accountability and transparency from Big Ag.

After raising chickens under a Perdue contract for more than 20 years, Craig said the company’s labeling and promotional video about treating chickens humanely “couldn’t get any further from the truth.”

In order for you to know what’s really going on, Craig has taken a big risk by making these disclosures – documented in a video released by Compassion in World Farming. See for yourself.

Big Ag will stop at nothing to keep its secrets hidden, and the Campaign has witnessed severe retaliation against honest poultry farmers like Craig. We know it takes a community to fight for food system transparency and we won’t let Craig be silenced. With your help, the Campaign will fight to ensure his concerns are heard and heeded without corporate retaliation.

Tell the corporate giants that you know what’s really going on. Help show your support for Craig by spreading the message about what Perdue is doing. Use the links below to share his story with your friends and family.

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Sarah Damian is Communications Manager for the Food Integrity Campaign.