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5 Myths About Factory Farm Gas 

Food Integrity Campaign | April 29, 2021

Biogas from factory farms is being presented as a “green solution” to the industrial agriculture problem, but behind the smoke and mirrors, factory farm gas thoroughly fails to deliver as an energy solution and actually presents a range of environmental, social, and economic problems.  If you are new to the conversation, biogas is a way […]

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Factory Farm Gas Erodes Critical Environmental Regulations in NC

Food Integrity Campaign | April 9, 2021

Factory farm gas is rapidly expanding its footprint across the country, putting rural communities and our environment at risk. Food Integrity Campaign has closely followed the development of factory farm gas projects in North Carolina. This week a new bill introduced in the North Carolina State Senate threatens to unleash the dangerous potential of these […]

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Rudy Howell

Rudy Howell Complaint of Retaliation

Food Integrity Campaign | February 12, 2021

Today, Government Accountability Project/Food Integrity Campaign filed a Whistleblower Complaint on behalf of poultry grower, Rudy Howell. The Complaint alleges that Rudy is a whistleblower and was wrongfully terminated for making protected disclosures. “Rudy Howell owns and operates the Robert Miller poultry farm in Fairmont, North Carolina. For over 25 years, Howell was contracted exclusively […]

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COVID-19: The New Hamlet Fire

FIC Staff | September 22, 2020

On September 3, 1991, a horrible tragedy rattled North Carolina’s business community. Around 8:30 that morning the Imperial Food Products chicken packing plant in Hamlet, North Carolina, burst into flames. When the fire broke out, many of the key exit doors were locked. In an effort to keep workers from stealing chickens, fire exit doors […]

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FIC Staff | September 18, 2020

BLOG #4 – NC CASE STUDY BLOG:    So far in this blog series we have explored measures through which the public may vet new pipelines, and discussed legal options for addressing pipeline concerns, including recent court decisions that have impacted major pipeline projects. We explored the topic of “waste-to-biogas” as an up-and-coming means of energy production that big ag and energy […]

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Introducing Waste-to-Biogas

FIC Staff | September 11, 2020

BLOG #3 – INTRODUCING WASTE-TO-BIOGAS  So far in this blog series we have explored the different measures that allow the public to vet new pipelines, as well as assessed the legal options for responding to pipeline projects and protecting those who blow the whistle on pipeline-related problems.    As the landscape shifts around major oil and gas pipelines in the US, new conversations […]

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A Perfect Storm: Climate Change, Coronavirus, and Sprawling Factory Farms

FIC Staff | August 5, 2020

Before the start of the 2020 hurricane season, researchers predicted that this year would be busier than normal. The increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes due to climate change disproportionately impact vulnerable populations, especially lower-income communities and communities of color. Confounding the problem, these communities also face disproportionate exposure to industrial pollution, including the impacts […]

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Racial Injustice: The Truth about Industrial Agriculture

FIC Staff | June 18, 2020

Racial Injustice: The Truth about Industrial Agriculture Racial injustice is at the forefront of our collective thoughts, yet the continued structural dependence of the food system on racial oppression is often overlooked. For those of us demanding food system reform and for those of us for whom racial injustice is a lived experience, it comes as no surprise that the meat industry has thrived even as communities of color […]

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FIC works to have USDA compensate farmers – not the corporations- directly for Covid 19 losses.  

FIC Staff | June 17, 2020

FIC works to have USDA compensate farmers – not the corporations- directly for Covid 19 losses.   FIC and its farmer advocacy partners are suggesting legislative language that would ensure farmers do not face bankruptcy during Covid-19. The pandemic has shown in sharp relief the many ways our industrial meat system has been designed to drive profit at the expense of animals, workers, and […]

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COVID- 19 Outbreaks in NC: Symptoms of a Sick System 

FIC Staff | June 4, 2020

COVID- 19 Outbreaks in NC: Symptoms of a Sick System  By Sally Lee Tyson Foods recently disclosed that 570 employees have tested positive for COVID-19 at their Wilkesboro chicken processing plant. In this unprecedented time, we must take care to not be divided by the meat industry’s all-too familiar blame shifting tactics. The Trump administration’s official response to this crisis in meat plants has been to simultaneously declare […]

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